0000…Latest Changes

Sidney Wigmore’s school prize.

A car and motorcycle collide

Account of death on the railway

Added photos of VJ Day 202o to War Memorial Page

Overview of Harry Stoke

The Manor of Walles – Added notes. Added Maps

Advowson of St Michael’s transfer to the convent of Parva Malverne

The Manor of Walles -added notes.

Added an inventory of Stoke Gifford in 1299– where’s the dovecot?

Named young girl at Patchway Photos.

Wallscourt farm, the Manor of Walles – owners.

Added photo of cottages at Rock Lane

Note sent to me by Bill Willcox and the family’s farms. Wm Willcox his book.

0090b Metal detecting finds at Harry Stoke

0042 Added photos  of Stanley Farm

0205 added comment from a recent talk I gave

“If you stand in the centre of the village green and look towards the church you see salvation, turn to the school rooms for education and then towards the Beaufort Arms for damnation” -Adrian.

0216 …  Resident Roger Davis of Harry Stoke shares memories.

0131a…St Michael’s Recent History

Added photographs of Greenfields / Milletts Farm

Added Geophysical results to 40 Acres

Harry Stoke, 1950 to 1970, recollections by Roger Davis

A short video of the wreath laying ceremony on Remembrance day 2019 can be found on Youtube links on these two pages.
0082…Poppies on the Green 2018  
0082…The War Memorial

Updated family tree and family photo of Merricks

Plaque remembering the death of Jackie Beard crossing the A38

Added photographs of structures at Harry Stoke

Updated Harry Stoke Mill with photos of the destroyed pond.

Updated  Merrick Family tree

Selection of coins found at Harry Stoke

Added photo to St Michael’s school, can anyone identify the date or the people?

Brian Alinson’s memories
Added to the story.

Updated maps

History of Stoke Gifford Ros Broomhead.
Updated with details of Ros’s life and a photo.
A new road in the Scholars Chase development off Hambrook Lane.

Brian Alinson’s memories
One of the resident’s memories, added more of the story

0163…Parish Woods
Added Link to Splatts Abbey Wood Conservation Group

0082…The War Memorial
Updated information on the soldiers listed on the War Memorial supplied by 1st Stoke Gifford Scouts

0230… Court Farm Barn at Winterbourne by Linda Hall 
Added photos of a large Winnower, an agricultural machine for separating grain from the lighter particles of chaff, dirt, etc.

Brian Alinson’s memories
One of the resident’s memories, added more of the story

0100…Harry Stoke, the Mill
Added evidence that the moat is in fact an historic medieval fishpond.

0100…Harry Stoke, the Mill
Added new photos of the Moat at Harry Stoke.

0100…Harry Stoke, the Mill
Documents suggest a Mill in Harry Stoke in 1304.

0022b…Stoke Gifford Roman Villa
A newly discovered  villa.