0016…40 Acres

owlA History of STOKE GIFFORD & Nearby Parishes
Edited by Adrian Kerton


Aerial photos taken in a dry year show a number of rectilinear features.

Take this link and choose the 1999 date.

Unfortunately a recent geophysical survey by Bristol University using magnetics suggest there are no historical structures present. The dark line is probably a drain of some sort.

The 1725 Map of the parish shows fields in the area now known as 40 Acres as Little and  Great Dingrove 

It seems that once deer roamed this area and a license from the King was require to hunt them on Dengrove as this extract shows: “Denegrove with free chace there”

Writ, 18 February, 38 Edward III.  (1386)
Assignment of dower in the manors of Stoke Giffard, Walles and Rokhampton, the reversion of which manors belongs, by the form of a fine levied in the king’s court, to Maurice son of Thomas son of Maurice de Berkele of Ule, aged 7 years.
Stoke Giffard. Place-names mentioned:—Hayforlong, Stonyforlong, Puryforlong, la Croft, Gybonesbreche, Hamiourde, Fillegh, Woweham, Shortemede, Brodemede, Brokmede, Denegrove with free chace there, Orchardesmed, Grenewey, Kyngeswode, the road from Huckeleystile to Benthamestile, Thurlesshawe and Heyesquarter.
Tenants mentioned:—William Large, John Heynes, William Osward, William Heynes, Ralph Fox, Robert atte Halle, Roger Chop, John Pypelary, John Brayl, Richard Gabbe, Ralph Perys, Walter Stoyl, William Ernawey, Richard Breomel, Ralph Batyn, Nicholaa Brayl and John Hambrok.
Walles. Place-names mentioned:—Hammesyate, Wodemede, Walforlong, Stonyforlong, Blakforlong, Lockesleyesforlong, Russhmedford, Walsshawesmede, Inwode, Pylquarter and Lockesleyesquarter.
Tenants mentioned:—Henry de Stanlegh, John Hambrok and John Heynes.
Rokhampton. Place-names mentioned:—Pondfald, la Inlond, Byham, furlongs called ‘Vyftene acres,’ ‘Twenty acres,’ ‘Twelf acres’ and ‘Three acres,’ meadow called ‘la Leese,’ Couham and la Horsmore.
Tenants mentioned:—Agnes Colyns, John Howman, John Roberdes, Richard Ademans, Nicholas Isaac, Richard Hendyman, John Brut, Richard Jannet, John atte Fortheye, Edith Prentys, John Wale, William Upehull, William Abbot, John le Fryg, Maud Sake, William Clyvedon and John Gol.
C. Edw. III. File 182. (1.)