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owlA History of STOKE GIFFORD & Nearby Parishes
Edited by Adrian Kerton


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Grant to Osbert Gifford of the livery {traditio) and grant, which Elias Gifford, his brother, made to him of the manor of Winterbum, to be held by him, his heirs and assigns, at farm, with the advowson of the church and other appurtenances, except Henry de Bovilla, Walter de Bochamton, Robert de Monte Acuto, Robert la Warre and Adam de Winterburn with their holdings, as well as other knights and free tenants, who are without the said manor of Winterbum, retained by the donor.

Grant to John Gyffard of Brumesfeld, and his heirs, of free warren in all his demesne lands in Sherton, Aihston, Winterburne Giffard, Horcheston and Brochton, co. Wilts, Beggeworth, Stonhuse, Bokhamton, Stoke Gyffard and Tettebur, co. Gloucester, Dilowe and Moniton, co. Hereford, Corfham and Colminton, co. Salop, and Brentles in the March.

To the constable of St. Briavels castle. Order to permit John Giffard to take and have two boars and twelve roe-bucks in the forest of Dene, which the king has granted to him.

To the same. Order to cause John Giffard of Brymesfeld to be acquitted of the demand made upon him for scutage for the armies of Wales in the fifth and tenth years of the king’s reign, as it appears to the king that John did his full service in the said armies.

To John Giffard of Brymesfeld. Order forbidding him to tourney, bourd, joust, or seek adventures, or to do any other feat of arms without the king’s  special licence. By p.8.

HAMLETS 1 Great Stoke in which the house is situated 2 Little Stoke 3 Harris or Herry Stoke The whole parish is the property of the Duke No freeholder voted in 1776 Population 200 283 281 Houses inhabited 39 The benefice is in the deanery and diocese of Bristol but archdeaconry of Gloucester a vicarage anciently appropriated to Little Malvern co Worcest for which John Giffard held the advowson in trust The patronage is now with the manor and James Hammond Foxcroft AM is incumbent The church dedicated to St Michael consists of a nave and north aisle separated by two fluted pillars and as many pilasters with capitals The interior is neat and uniform The tower is finished with battlements and pinnacles and the porch ornamented with elegant tabernacle work.

Gun Emplacement Bush Avenue

WW2 Gun Emplacements in Little Stoke

National Archive [no title] D2700/NC12/7 1730
Exchanges in the West and East Fields (Jn. Gleed; Isaac Sergeant; John Daniel; Duke of Beaufort) [Gb 1/2]

In PN tax the church of Stoke Giffard 10 L
In the King’s books discharged 6L

The Farmer’s magazine 1871
Prize, £2, Mary Witchell, Stoke Gifford. Twelve Swedish turnips. — Prize, £2, W. Minett, Acton Turville. Twelve common turnips. — Prize, £2, W. Minett, CHEESE. …

3 Stoke Giffard Glos or on the r Frome to the W of Pucklechurch is a p 25 m in com and bel heretofore to the Giffards of Brimesfield till forfeited by treafon to Edw II who gave it to Maurice de Berkeley One part of the p buries at Winterborn the other at Almondlbury Great Stoke Little Stoke and Harris Stoke are 3 hamlets of this parish.

From the Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society
The Gloucestershire section of Domesday Book: geographical problems of the text, part 2
by J. S. Moore 1988, Vol. 106, 87-106 © The Society and the Author(s)

Stoke Gifford (Avon), Harry Stoke, manors, [106], 96; Swinehead Hundred.
Them were four unnamed holdings in this hundred:
fol. 163b, 1, 21:  1 hide held by a riding man;
fol. 165a, 6, 3:    1 hide held by Goismer from the bishop of Coutances;
fol. 170b, 75, 2:  1 hide held by Roger son of Ralph;
fol. 170b, 75,3:   1 virgate held by Walter from Roger son of Ralph.

The hide held by the riding man occurs within the entry for the royal nor of Barton Regis, in which six hides were located at Bristol and three hides held by Bristol church were located at Mangotsfield. The riding man’s hide was therefore the tenth hide in a normal double‑five hides vill. Barton Regis remained a royal manor throughout the Middle Ages but the documentation available to tra, where, I edited Domesday Book. Gloucwenbire did not enable me to identify this hide with certainty. On grounds of topographical probability 1 therefore suggested that this hide was the nucleus of the later small manor of Ridgway in Easton, Stapleton and Wickwick; though this manor first occurs under that name in the early 1 5th century, the name itself is recorded as early as 950 attached to the ancient trackway from Bristol to Marshfield, and a holding centred m this route would be appropriate for a riding man to occupy. Unfortunately for this plausible argument, a year later Dr Sharp’s work on Bristol Castle appeared, and Mr Tony Nott pointed out to me that it contained evidence for a decisive identification of the riding man’s hide. This survived into the 13th century as a carucate at Stapleton, held by the serjeantry service of ‘carrying the king’s writs, summonses and the letters; of the Constable of Bristol within the county of Gloucester at his own costs’, which Mr Nott has convincingly identified as the later Oldbury Court estate. 75

The entry relating to Goismer’s hide is remarkable for its inclusion of one of the very rare examples of additional information in the Gloucestershire section of DB derived from the ‘original returns’ which is usually excluded from the Exchequer DB: ‘When it is ploughed, there are only 64 acres of land in that hide. -76 This unique piece of information can in fact be used to confirm a probable identification in the absence of better evidence: Goismer’s name does not help us, and the lands of the bishop of Coutances (Goismer’s overlord) reverted to the Crown on his death. But two individually weak lines of argument converge to suggest a probable location. The first is the strongly geographical arrangement of the return for the bishop’s lands, running from north to south, which would place Goismer’s land between or at least near Hambrook in Winterbourne and Harry Stoke in Stoke Gifford (fol. 165b. 6, 2, 4). The second is the process of elimination, for there is only one sizeable manor in the northern pan of Swinehead hundred recorded in later records but not mentioned by name in DB.

Manors of Stoke als Great Stoke, Stoke Gifford, Little Stoke and Harry Stoke; capital messuage, manor and mansion house; Stoke park (120a.), Stapleton, where the manor house now stands; the Old Park (160a.) in Stoke, Stapleton, Horfield and Winterbourne; Walls Court Farm (200a.) in Stoke, Winterbourne and Filton; the Sheeps Pasture and Lower Grounds (180a.)
Includes marriage settlement of Sir Maurice Berkeley and Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Edward Coke, 1622 [mostly illegible]; settlement before marriage of Sir Maurice Berkeley and Mary Tipping, 1626 [mostly illegible]; declaration of the uses of a fine and recovery (1633)-1635; agreement that no right of way from Winterbourne to Horfield exists through Walls Court Farm without the consent of Sir Maurice Berkeley, 1630
(Sir Edw. Rodney; Rice Davis; Edw. Cox; Berkeley family)
[Ka 1/1,2; Ka 1/4; Kb 1/1b; Kd 1/4; K shelf 2/14; 110.1.9]

Ref No P.FC/OP/5/11-12
Title Hannah Penny, a poor child aged 11, by William Millet and Stephen Stout, churchwardens, and W.M. and Thomas Denby, overseers of F.C., to Hugh Parker, butcher of Stoke Gifford, until H.P. is 21, to be taught butchery. Hugh Parker (S) (No. 11), W.M. (S), S.S. (S), T.D. (S) (no. 12). Witnessed by Jane Millet (S), George Becher (S).
Date 29 May 1752
AccessStatus Open

St Peter’s Parish, Frampton Cotterell
Overseers of the poor Bastardy orders and bonds
Level Item
RefNo P.FC/OP/6/36
Title Order by Stephen Cave and John Parker, J.P.’s, that William Parker, labourer of Stoke Gifford, father of female bastard child of Ann Prigg, singlewoman of F.C., pay to churchwardens and overseers of F.C. £3 2s. and 2s. 0d. weekly and Ann Prigg 1s. 0d. weekly, if child becomes chargeable to parish.
Date 23rd October, 1817
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RefNo P.Hen/Ch/1/6
Title Deed of Gift (Feoffment)
Date 8 Oct. [1513]
Description 1. Wm. Dymok
Jn. Holway
2. Robt. Poyntz, kt.
Anth. Poyntz, esq.
Jn. Poyntz
Jn. Waxborowe of Henbury
Hen. Horte
Jn. Poleyn
Jn. Edwardes of Compton
Jn. Wyllenton
Thos. Nicholas
Jn. Large
Walt. Bondy
Jn. Waxborowe of Halenend
Jn. Holway
Thos. Stok
Math. Byford
Robt. Stokes
Wm. Dymok, jun.
One messuage called Hyndysplace in Lawrence Weston, with lands, meadows, and pastures belonging which 1. together with Hen. Polyn gent., Jn. Rome sen., Jn. Horte, Thos. Harpar, Jn. Henwod, Rich. Rome, Wm. Haynys, Wm. Edwardes, Jn. Stokes and Geo. Wellyngton now deceased had of the gift and feoffment of Wm. Large of Stoke Gifford, Glouc. yeoman.
Dated 5 May 4 Hen. VII [1489]
1. appoint as attorneys Thos. Horte and Jn. Rome
Extent 1 document.
AccessStatus Open

St. Mary the Virgin, Olveston
Overseers of the Poor
Removal orders from Olveston

Ref No P.Ov/OP/11/64
Title Sarah Morgan, wife of Thomas, and sons Thomas aged c.2 1/2 and Samuel aged c.1, to Stoke Gifford, co.Glos.
Date 1828 May 8
Extent 1 document.
AccessStatus Open

Anglican parish of St James the Great, Westerleigh
Overseers of the Poor
Apprenticeship Indentures and related papers

RefNo P.W/OP/15/241
Title George Nowell son of Giles and Elizabeth to George Luton of Stoke Gifford. CARPENTER and WHEELWRIGHT, For 4 Years.
Date 1867 Oct 14

Anglican parish of St James the Great, Westerleigh
Overseers of the Poor
Apprenticeship Indentures and related papers

RefNo P.W/OP/15/246
Title Alfred Gibbs 13,son of Albert, labourer to Francis Cam of Stoke Gifford, CARPENTER and WHEELWRIGHT, For 6 Years.
Date 1875 July 6
AccessStatus Open

Anglican parish of St James the Great, Westerleigh
Overseers of the Poor
Settlement Indemnity Bonds

RefNo P.W/OP/17/8
Title Richard Attwood,tailor John Collings of Stoke Gifford, yeoman, for Richard Attwood and family.
Date 1651 May 24

Society of Friends: Bristol and Frenchay Monthly Meeting
Men’s Monthly Meeting of Frenchay
Deeds: These relate to the Meeting Houses coming under the jurisdiction of Frenchay Monthly Meeting, and to various charities
Chipping Sodbury meeting house

RefNo SF/B/D/2/10
Title Deeds: Conveyance (Lease and Release);
Date 1818 Apr 24 – 25
Description Toby Walker Sturge, William Gayner, and John Powell of Bristol, to William Builder the younger of Stoke Gifford; Meeting House and Burial ground
Extent 2 documents

Society of Friends: Bristol and Frenchay Monthly Meeting
Men’s Monthly Meeting of Frenchay
Deeds: These relate to the Meeting Houses coming under the jurisdiction of Frenchay Monthly Meeting, and to various charities
Downend burial ground

RefNo SF/B/D/3/4
Title Deeds: Conveyance (Lease and Release);
Date 1773 Mar 5 – 6
Description John Champion, late of Bristol, now of Cardiff, Gent, John Player of Stoke Gifford, Gloucestershire, yeoman, Young Simmons Windle of Downend, Mangotsfield, feltmaker, and others Upon Trust, and to provide for the creation of new Trustees
Extent 2 documents

Society of Friends: Bristol and Frenchay Monthly Meeting
Men’s Monthly Meeting of Frenchay
Deeds: These relate to the Meeting Houses coming under the jurisdiction of Frenchay Monthly Meeting, and to various charities
Downend burial ground

RefNo SF/B/D/3/5
Title Deeds: Conveyance (Lease and Release – lease only);
Date 1806 Mar 21
Description John Player, late of Stoke Gifford, now of Tockington Gloucestershire, John Gayner of Filton, and others, to William Gaynor of Filton, yeoman, Joseph Storrs Fry, of Westbury on Trym, chocolate maker, and others 20 perches of land, part of a close at Moorend in the Parish of Mangotsfield
Extent 1 document

Diocese of Bristol: Episcopal Records
Administrative records
Parsonage House Building
Stoke Gifford
Level Item
RefNo EP/A/25/SG/1
Title Title deeds: 119 North Road, Stoke Gifford BS34 8PE, with schedule
Date 1985 – 2007
Extent 1 bundle
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Diocese of Bristol: Episcopal Records
Administrative records
Consecration papers

RefNo EP/A/22/F/4
Title Conveyance, Robert Pierce of Coldharhour Farm, Stoke Gifford, to Sodbury R D C , of land fronting Coldharbour Lane for Filton parish cemetery, with plan
Date 1943 Jun 10
Extent 1 document

Smyth family of Ashton Court
Records of manors and hundreds
Manor of Sturdon (Winterbourne)

RefNo AC/M/18/7
Title `Rental of my lands in Stapleton, Hambrook, Stoke Gifford, Sturdon, Wynterborn and Westerley, 17 Apr. 1554
Date 1554 Extent  parchment roll.
AccessStatus Open

RefNo 41914
Title Life and reminiscences of W E Jones
Custodial History Discovered in a house clearance and originally handed over to Stoke Gifford Library who passed it in turn to the Local Studies Library

38640/1 – 20

9. 1789 April 11
Marriage settlement
Parties : 1. Ann Charmbury
2. William Turner of Stoke Gifford, gent.
3. John Huddlestone and Lamrock Flower,
trustees of the will of James Charmbury
4. John Webb and Edward Dyer
Premises : Ten acres of land at Wattons Hill,
Westerleigh, and two sums of £150 1 doct.

39910/P/3 n.d.
Plan of Great Stoke Manor estate, in
Stoke Gifford, Filton and Winterbourne
parishes, Glos. and in Stapleton and
Horfield parishes, Bristol
With Elm Tree Farm, showing field
.Reproduced from Ordnance Survey map.
Scale : 15 chains = 2 1/2 ins. 1 doct.
Subject MAPS & PLANS

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Title Deeds given by the Clapham Antiquarian Society
Level Item  Ref No 8967/1
Title Deeds given by the Clapham Antiquarian Society: Lease and release, James Burgess of St George, Gloucester; William Napper of St Philip and Jacob, baker; William Oldland of Marshfield, maltster and Thomas Gunter of Stoke Gifford, yeoman, to Isaac Burges of St George, yeoman
Date 1785 Jan 10
Date 1785 Jan 11
Description Land in parish of St George, near Mag Thatcher’s Green
Extent 1 item

To Henry le Scrop anil his fellows, justices to hoid pleas before the king. Whereas it was lately found by certain inquisitions concerning the lands that belonged to Jolin Giffard of Brymesfeld, tenant in chief of the late king, which were taken into his hands by reason of John’s death, that John son of Fuik Lestraunge and Eieanor his wife, sister of the said John Giffard, and James son of Nicholas de Audele, the issue of Kotherine de Audele, the other sister of John Giffard, were the nearest heirs of John Giffard, and it was also
found by other inquieitiona taken by the king’s order that Roger Bnvent, Thomas de Grymested, and Biehard Dnnsy were the heirs of John Gillard by divers other degrees of consanguinity, and the king, by reason of the diificulties and con tradici ions (varietates) arising in the said matter, sent the aforesaid inquisitions before him, and subsequently, whilst the matter was pending undecided before him, upon its being found by other inquisitions taken at the prosecution of John de Cailwe, asserting that lie was the next
heir of the said John Giffard, that John de Cailwe is the next heir of John Giffard and is of full age, and upon John de Cailwe beseeching the king to cause the lands to be delivered to him as next heir, the king sent the inquisitions before him gub pede sigilli, ordering the said justices to examine the inquisitions, and to cause it to be done for John de Cailwe what should seem right to them; and the king is now given to understand on behalf of Joha de Cailwe that although it was found by a jury taken before the justices that John de Cailwe is the next heir of John Giffard, the justices defer proceeding to render judgment in the matter, wherefore he has besought the king to provide a remedy the king therefore orders the justices, if it be so, to proceed to render judgment m this matter with all speed, and, when judgment have been rendered, to send the reeoirt and process of the same with all things touching it, and all the inqui’

To the constable of St. Briavels castle. Order to permit John Giffard to take and have two boars and twelve roe-bucks in the forest of Dene, which the king has granted to him.