0019…Calendar Of Charter Rolls

owlA History of STOKE GIFFORD & Nearby Parishes
Edited by Adrian Kerton



1229. May 18 WINTERBOURNE.
Westminster. MEMBRANE 7.
Grant to Osbert Gifford of the livery {traditio) and grant, which Elias Gifford, his brother, made to him of the manor of Winterburn, to be held  by him, his heirs and assigns, at farm, with the advowson of the church  and other appurtenances, except Henry de Bovilla, Walter de Bochamton,  Robert de Monte Acuto, Robert la Warre and Adam de Winterburn with  their holdings, as well as other knights and free tenants, who are without  the said manor of Winterburn, retained by the donor.

A.D. 124I-1242
Alicia que fuit uxor Humfredi Croc debet .x. s. de fine pro habenda inquisitione. Hundredum de Winterstok’ exceptis libertatibus .ij. m. pro murdro. Nicolaus de Boleuill’ dim. m. pro defalta. Sauaricus de Cinnoc* .j. m. pro eodem. Thethina de Stok’ Giffard’ debet dim. m. quia non habuit. Thethinga de Wiule^ in hundredo de Winterstoc’ .xl. s.
pro fuga. Henrcus Hose* .iiij. m. pro transgressione. Johannes le Bere’ dim. m. pro habenda jurata. Thomas Maureward’ dim. m. quia non est prosecutus. Henricus de Sypham dim. m. pro injusta detentione. Thethinga de Clauerham dim. m. pro murdro. Thomas de Weston’ .xl. d. pro plegio. Robertus Marescallus de Wurle dim. m. pro plegio. Robertus serviens de Kymeredon’ et Ricardus^ Chau .iiij. s. .viij. d. pro dissaisina.

Alice who was the wife of Humfrey must ??? X. s. of the end to have the inquiry. Winterstok hundred of ‘liberties with the exception of. Two. m. for murder. Boleuill of Nicholas’ dim. m. for default. Sauaricus of * Cinnoc. J. m. for the same. Thethina of Stokes ‘Giffard’ should be dim. m. because they had not. Thethinga Wiule of ^ in the hundred of Winterstoc. “Xl. s. for flight. * Henry Hosea. Fourth. m. because of the transgression. John le Berea with ‘dim. m. jury to have. Maureward Thomas’ dim. m. because it is not is followed. Henry de Sypham dim. m. for unjust withholding. Thethinga Clauerham of dim. m. for murder. Thomas de Weston. “Xl. d. for pledges. Robert Mareschal of Wurle dim. m. for pledges. Robert serving of Kymeredon ‘^ and Richard Chau. fourth. s. . viij. d. for dissaisina.

1281. June 9. Westminster. 41
Grant to John Gyffard of Brumesfeld, and his heirs, of free warren in all his demesne lands in Sherton, Aihston, Winterburne Giffard, Horcheston and Brochton, co. Wilts, Beggeworth, Stonhuse, Bokhamton, Stoke Gyffard and Tettebur, co. Gloucester, Dilowe and Moniton, co. Hereford, Corfham and Colminton, co. Salop, and Brentles in the March.

From Wikipedia
Free warren—often simply warren—refers to a type of franchise or privilege conveyed by a sovereign in medieval England to a subject, promising to hold them harmless for killing game of certain species within a stipulated area, usually a wood or small forest. The sovereign involved might be either the monarch or a marcher lord.

Notes: From the history of Winterbourne:
“Finally, around 1400, Stoke Gifford is said in several documents to be ‘in the lordship of Frampton and Winterbourne’. This is interesting and significant. First, it confirms my suggestion that the three parishes were once combined. But, second, it raises the question, what was this ‘lordship of Frampton and Winterbourne’ which included Stoke Gifford, because at no time between 1086 and 1802 were Frampton Cotterell and Winterbourne manors owned by the same person, and neither manor was ever owned by the lords of Stoke Gifford. So the original unit underlying this ‘lordship’ must go back before 1086, indeed before 1066, and must be the original Anglo‑Saxon parochia (the mother‑parish).”

1235 Henry3vol3page0115.pdf
19 HENRY III. 1235. Membrane 5
Aug. 4. Malmesbury
Confirmation of a lease for ten years made by Elias Giffard to William de Kent of the manor of Stokes, as more fully contained in a chirograph made between them.

1292. Edward1vol2page0476.pdf
Feb. 6.
Licence for the alienation in mortmain by the executors of the will of Robert sometime hermit in the hermitage of Cruplegate, London, t< William de Wynterburn, now hermit there, of 30s. in rent in London. The like by John Giffard of Bremmesfeud to the prior and convent o Little Malverne, of the advowson of the church of Stoke Giffard.

1322 Feb Edward2vol4page0064.pdf
In February we see:
Safe-conduct and writ of aid until Whitsunday for Hugh le Despenser, the elder, and Hugh le Despenser, the younger, and their men at arms proceeding against the king’s enemies, the Scots, who have invaded the realm. [Part. Writs.] By K. Protection with clause nolumvs until Easter for John Wyard. By K. The like for the following persons, viz. — William de Holynes, clerk of the chancery, for one year.

Feb. 13. Gloucester.
The abbess of Berkyng. By K.
The abbot of St. Peter’s, Gloucester. By K.
John de Staunton, parson of the church of Boclond. By K.
The abbot of Wynchecumbe.
The prior of Little Malverne in his manors of Eldresfeld, Chaddesleye, Pendok, Hanleye, Bokkebury, Newynton, Aston super Waldam, Stoke Giffard, Wenlond, Horewell, Sukkilegh, Alnieton and Malverne. By K.

March 5. To Richard Lovel. Order to restore to Margaret Giffard, mother of Drayton Basset. John Giffard of Brimmesfeld, the king’s rebel; the manor of Stoke Giffard, with her goods and chattels found therein, if he find that she held the said manor in dower and that the said John had no possession thereof up to the time when the king committed to the said Richard the custody of John’s lands in co. Gloucester, by virtue whereof Richard took the manor into the king’s hands. By K.

1375 Edward3vol16page0168.pdf
Sept. 23. Presentation of John Hornbloweton, vicar of the church of Westminster. Giffardstoke, in the diocese of Worcester, to the church of Northbarou in the diocese of Bath and Wells, in the king’s gift by reason of the keeping of the land and heir of Nicholas Seymore, ‘chivaler who held in chief, being in his hand ; on an exchange of benefices with Henry Chaumflour.

1389 RICHARD II.— PART 1 Membrane 3
Jan.7. Pardon to William Lane, canon of St. Augustine’s, Bristol, for that he on Sunday Before St. Thomas the Apostle, 9 Richard II, at Stoke Giffard ravished Iseult, wife of Thomas Irysch, and took away goods and chattels of the said Thomas, to the value of 20s. viz. linen and woollen cloths ; and of any consequent outlawry. By K.

Note: Iseult and Thomas were Irish. According to Fourteenth century England, Volume 4 By J. S. Hamilton the ravishing would have meant ‘clerical fornication’ or adultery.

1398 Richard2vol6page0365.pdf
21 RICHARD II –part III 1398.
April 28. Westminster.
Commission to Thomas, duke of Surrey, Thomas Berkelee of Berkelee John Lovell and John Cassy, on information that armed malefactors have assembled at Stoke within the lordship of Wynterbourne and Framton, co. Gloucester, by way of insurrection, contrary to their allegiance, and assaulted divers lieges there, and that Maurice Berkele, knight, has without licence from the king enclosed and made a park of a parcel of land there in which divers lieges have had from time immemorial common of pasture, to enquire and certify touching all the circumstances.

1406 Henry4vol3page0229.pdf
7 HENRY IV. 1406
March 14. Westminster.
Commission to Maurice Russell, ‘chivaler,’
Thomas do la Ryvere, chivalor,’ Thomas Ryge, esquire, Edmund Forde and Thomas Stanshawe to enquire into the reported obstruction of a common way leading from Gyffardstok in the county of Gloucester to the town of Bristol.

John de Dombleton, who was appointed prior in 1299, (fn. 31) did not retain the office long. (fn. 32) After his resignation the annalist who records the appointment of his successor, William de Molendinis or Mills, states that he was not admitted to his former estate by the chapter of Worcester. On being recalled for the election of Giffard’s successor in 1302, he sent renouncing all right or voice in the election on the ground that he had been translated to Malvern and there made prior, ‘wherefore because of his present condition the same John tarries at the schools of Oxford at the expense of the prior and chapter of Worcester.’ (fn. 33) The latter received an order from the presidents of their general chapter to re-admit their former member, and quickly complied. (fn. 34)

The convent appears to have suffered various losses from time to time. Giffard, in a licence for the appropriation to the brethren of the church of Stoke Giffard, states that it was granted on account of their sufferings during the Barons’ War and the war in Wales. (fn. 35) Thomas, earl of Warwick, bestowed on them the advowson of the church of Notgrove with the rent of a pound of pepper in 1338, (fn. 36) and the prior and convent were permitted to appropriate the church of Whatcote in 1368, in consequence, it is said, of the loss of divers possessions in Ireland. (fn. 37)


27 EDWARD I. 1299.  Oct. 16. Westminster, MEMBRANE Sd.
Assignment of dower to Margaret, late the wife of John Giffard of  Brymmesfeld, tenant in chief, made by Walter de Glouc [estria], escheator  this side Trent, on 6 August, 27 Edward, in accordance with the king’s  writ.

There are assigned to her the manor of Stonhouse, co. Gloucester, which  is extended at 24Z. 12,9. Sd, yearly: the manor of Stok Giffard, in the  same county, which is extended at 20Z. 145. ll^d. yearly; the rents and services of John de Brughampton in the manor of Roghampton, in the same county, which are extended at 12.$. yearly ; the rents and services of William atte Withie in the said manor, which are extended at 6s. 8d. yearly. There are also assigned to her the manor of Wynterborne Eliston, CO. Wilts, which is extended at 10l. 2s. 10d. yearly ; the manor of Bro3ton, in the same county, which is extended at 15l. 2s. o ? yearly.

EDWARD III. VOL. VIII. A.D. 1346-1349.
1347.  June 12.  Reading.  June 3.  Reading.  June 4.  Reading.
To Simon Basset, escheator in co. Gloucester. Order to deliver to Margery late the wife of Maurice son of Maurice de Berkele, knight, tenant in chief, the lands etc. in that county which the king has assigned to her to hold in dower, of those which belonged to her husband, with the assent of Thomas, Maurice’s son and heir, to wit : the manor of Rokhampton and two parts of the manor of Stoke Giffard in that county, 5 marks rent in
Kyngestanleye in that county, a third part of the manor of Stonhouse in that county, a third part of the manor of Iweleye in that county, a third part of the manor of Kyngeston Seymor, co. Somerset, and a messuage and 40 acres of land, 10 acres of meadow and 40a-. rent in Edeneworth in the same county, together with the advowson of .Rokhampton church, co. Gloucester, and a third part of the advowson of Kyngeston Seymor church, co. Somerset.