0020a…Saxon Finds

owlA History of STOKE GIFFORD & Nearby Parishes
Edited by Adrian Kerton

Found at Stoke Gifford by the Rev E. J. Everard, the objects were located in the Somerset County Museum, they consist of the following: an Anglo Saxon scramasax (sword) and iron bell said to have been found with the coins of Burgred of Mercia, Aethelred & Alfred. Unfortunately no details of the circumstances of the find were recorded. The date of the reporting of the find fits well with the date of the construction of the Bristol and South Wales 1858-63 and it is suggested that the Saxon material may have been recovered at this time. The site has been mapped on a section of the said railway but is only intended as a guide.

Thanks to the Somerset Museums Service South West Heritage Trust  for supplying these photographs.

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