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owlA History of STOKE GIFFORD & Nearby Parishes
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Maules Nursery

Maules Nursery was on the boundary between Harry Stoke an Winterbourne. at Maules Lane, Winterbourne  51.507450, -2.540808

From The history of Winterbourne by C H B Elliott.  Page 94

The property known for some time by this name has been made up by various purchases. The name of Thomas Bayly occurs in connection with it in 1677. In 1689 John Tomlinson, of Hambrook, conveyed to Daniel Witherley, of Hambrook, who in 1707 conveyed to Thomas Simon ‘All that tenement, outhouses, gardens, orchards,” etc. In 1810 William Maule purchased “two closes of meadow and also 7 pieces of meadow ground lying in a ground called Common Mead.” The names of Mary Bayly and Richard her son, Samuel Brice, and Ellas Ball Slater occur in connection with other transactions. In 1888 Miss Louisa Maule conveyed the property to John Harding, who built the present house, and it is now held by Mr. Frederick Charles Harding, his son, Market Gardener, who has made additions to the buildings.

William Maule & Sons were horticultural potters in Stapleton Road from 1854 to 1884. The firm started out as nurserymen at Lower Easton in 1815. They also had an address in Stoke Gifford from 1836, at Broadmead from 1837 to 1846 and in Stoke Bishop (1875-79). After 1884 they reverted to nurserymen until 1889. The Stapleton Road pottery was in Seymour Place. In 1838 Maule insured a dwelling house and shop in Stapleton Road, plus another house in Hambrook.

The buildings have now been demolished.

Maules Nursery

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