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Stanley Farm

Old maps show the Stanley Farm cottages as Stanley Farm. Under Thomas Proctor the farm consisted of about 84 acres and the new farmhouse was built by him for the bailiff of Wallscourt farm.

The farm stayed very much as per this illustration, less the piggery behind the house, until 1985 when it was being used as student lodgings by UWE. Unhappily it fell into disrepair and many of the architectural features were robbed so badly it was almost beyond redemption. Happily the new owners, the MOD, repaired the damage and it is now used as a conference centre.

Stanley Farm – Notes by Mike Stanbrook

Stanley means a stoney clean in a wood. There are no direct early references to this farm but in a list of tenants for 1299 there is one Cecilia Stanlegh – holds half a virgate of land and pays at Lady day 9d and at Michaelmas 9d. Tenants Henry de Stanlegh, John Hambrok, John Heynes

As the Common people began to adopt surnames they often took names relating to the area in which they lived and it may well be that Stanley farm was established prior to the 13th century (Henry de Stanlegh 1345).

Stanley lies close to the Stoke Gifford/Filton boundary, with much of its land being in Filton. Beyond the farm was a detachment of Winterbourne (incorporated into Stoke Gifford 1885). For many years, Stanley farm was the only farm in Stoke Gifford not owned by the Berkeleys. The house was rebuilt as a Bailiff’s house for the Wallscourt Estate in 1854.

Rooms; R.H. Side of Hall – Parlour – L.H. Side of Hall – Living Room, Kitchen behind

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stanley farm 2

Views of Stanley Farm in 1985 by permission of Raymond Holland





Stanley Farm In 1915 From The Stoke Gifford Estate Sale Brochure


Stanley Farm Andy Powell

Stanley Farm Cottages.



Photographs courtesy of the Ministry of Defence who refurbished the ruins.Stanley_Farm_2-1985-800









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