0044b…Wallscourt Farm House

Edited by Adrian Kerton

Wallscourt the farm house built 1854

Adrian Kerton

The house and farm buildings were built of local limestone, with the Bath stone dressings and Welsh slate roof. And the house is raised on a turfed slope and is a fine Gothic styled building. The house, farm buildings and bailiffs house cost £5,000 to build. The architect responsible was Mr George Godwin, gold medalist of the Institute of Architects in 1881. Mr Proctor-tenant (local fertiliser manufacturer). (the farm buildings included-cottages for the cowman and dairy maid and a school room for the children of the farm labourers).

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Farmhouse ceiling decoration

Farmhouse ceiling decoration beams

Farmhouse Stair

Farmhouse Kitchen rangeFarmhouse Front 2Farmhouse side1Wallscourt_coat_of_arms-70Wallscourt_farm_house_plan_800Wallscourt_Farmhouse

The farmhouse 2017 with a modern extension on the right hand side.

wallscourt farm from ros broomhead 1