0076…The Portcullis Inn

Edited by Adrian Kerton

The Portcullis Inn

Now known as Silverdale on North Road

The Portcullis Inn was apparently at one time the Duke of Beaufort’s hunting lodge,  and then became an Inn, perhaps a coaching inn.


Note population of Stoke Gifford in 1851 was 488 souls

Portcullis Shown on the 1725 Survey of Stoke Gifford as a small building.

Neither the Portcullis Inn or the Beaufort Arms is shown on the 1840 O/S map at Bristol Museum or on the Dunn 1769 map

Not shown on the 1725 Survey

Not shown on the 1830 Ordnance Survey.


The Portcullis Inn is shown on the 1842 Tithe Map. The Beaufort arms is not shown on the 1832 map. On the 1842 tithe map there is a building but not named?

Pubs not mentioned in the 1841 Census, Grace Powell is mentioned as an Innkeeper, presumably the Portcullis Inn


The Portcullis Inn appears in the 1871 Census

The Beaufort Arms appears in the 1871 Census

Summary Beer Sellers

Census Beaufort Portcullis Place 3 Place 4
1841 Powell G ?
1843 Survey Langworthy ? Newman Winniatt
1851 Shipton J ? Newman Winniatt
1861 Shipton J Powell E Winniatt
1871 Parker Powell E
1881 Parker Powell R G
1891 Powell G None

1841 Census
POWELL, Grace Head W F    54 Inn Keeper Cornwall – Crowan.
Note at this point the 1842 map doesn’t show the Portcullis Inn so this was probably the Beaufort Arms

1843 Survey Extract – Mike Stanbrook
* 32   Beer House and Garden – Robert Newman – Not the Portcullis Inn?
* 61   Beer House and Garden – William Winniatt – Not the Portcullis Inn?
* 301 Beer House and Garden – George Langworthy – Is this the new Portcullis Inn?
George is listed in the 1851 Census aged 59 as Carpenter & Undertaker

1851 Census
Beaufort Arms?
SHIPTON            Jane    Wife   Married                    29       Beer House Keeper
SHIPTON            Sarah a            Daughter                  8            Scholar
SHIPTON            Thomas m        Son                           5

Not the Portcullis Inn ?
NEWMAN            Robert          Head          Married  67       Beer Seller
NEWMAN            Sarah            Wife            Married   57
Newman and his wife are farmers in the 1841 census

Not the Portcullis Inn – as he is not in the Portcullis Inn in the 1861 Census
WINNIATT            William        Head  Married      47     Beer Seller
WINNIATT            Elizabth        Wife   Married     42

Not Beaufort Arms or Portcullis Inn

1861 Census
Jane SHIPTON is now a widow and a publican at the Beaufort Arms with her 2 sons and daughter.

Edwin Powell is the innkeeper at the Portcullis Inn with his wife and son.
In the 1851 census he was aged 20 and the son of James and Emma.  James was a   Grocer And Tea Dealer

Edwin James Powell Probate

William WINNIATT and Elizabth            Wife now described as publican

1871 Census
W Parker is now the innkeeper at the Beaufort Arms
Edwin Powell is the innkeeper at the Portcullis Inn with his wife and son.

1876 Morris Directory
Powell Grace, “Portcullis”

W and Jane Parker is a beer seller at the Beaufort Arms.
Mrs ‘G?’ R Powell is now a Widow and a licensed victualler in the Portcullis Inn with daughter Sarah and Sarah Gingle is their servant.
Sarah J. Gingle ,abt, 1866 , Stoke Gifford, Gloucestershire, England , servant,
11, Portcullis Inn, Stoke Gifford, Gloucestershire, England


Rhoda Grace Powell

Rhoda Grace Powell

Rhoda G. Powell ,abt, 1837, Cornwall, England, head, 11 Portcullis Inn,  Stoke Gifford, Gloucestershire, England

Rhoda Grace Powell Probate

See also Powell Family Photographs


O/S Map of 1889
Portcullis Inn is shown

Mrs G Powell is the innkeeper at the Beaufort Arms with her son, daughter and servant. The Portcullis Inn is not listed.

1915 Sale
Listed as the Silverdale House. 2 Rods 32 perches, rental £25.

Neither the Beaufort Arms or the Portcullis Inn shown on the 1840 O/S map at Bristol Museum or on this Dunn 1769 map


Pre railway



This map appears to show the Beaufort Arms, though it is not named. It is in the place previously shown on maps as The Pound.