0091a…Harry Stoke 1950 TO 1970

Recollections by Roger Davis.

HARRY STOKE 1950 TO 1970 See the map below

1. Mr & Mrs Bridgeman, small farm built in the 1930s. Part of a big family of farmers from Downend.

2.   Coal mine manager house built 1948.

3.  Mr & Mrs Manor, a 1930s house.

4.  1930s house.

5.   Mrs Long and mother, after her mother died, she took in dogs, fed on steak, she ate sausages. She could be seen talking the dogs out at night in a white dress, no street lights. One visitor told the friend she was visiting that she had seen a ghost ! She had a white Goat with painted blue horns, in case it got lost. She had a Parrot, she walked around with it on her shoulder. The bus conductor would not let on the with the Parrot at Bristol North Baths.

6.   Mr & Mrs Cockram round a furniture remove vans. They come from the top of Filton avenue, the house with the big garage.

7.   Mr Cockram’s field for the vans, sold to Mr Chick. He built The Willows for his daughter as a wedding present with hand made blocks. The daughter sold it soon after Mr & Mrs chick moved into Maytree.

8.   Mr & Mrs Rose’s Caravan site for 3 caravans and vegetable garden.

9.   Harry Stoke farm field.

10.  Yew tree cottage, Mr & Mrs Rose.

11.  Harry Stoke farm, Mr & Mrs George.

12.   Harry Stoke farm field and Caravan site for 15 caravan.

13.  Rosery 2 ( Maytree ) Rented to Mr & Mrs Reeves & 2 sons David & Len. Sold to Mr & Mrs. Chick for £400 in 1963 and re built. Mr & Mrs Chick lived before 2 doors from Stoke Gifford vicarage. Maytree took its name from the tree in the garden.

14.  Rosery ( Marian cottage ) In 1938 Frederrick & Edith Davis moved from Shirehampton. In 1947 their children Frank  & Violet was sold the 2 houses for £1000. In 1979 their son Ted took over the house to 2003. The centre of the 2 houses was a blacksmith shop before 1930.

15.  New house built in 2002 on the vegetable garden of the Rosery.

16.   House on Paddocks farm orchard, before this there was a caravan on hre. Mr & Mrs Hoper lived in the caravan and sold up and moved to Cornwall.

17.  House built Paddocks farm vegetable garden.

18.  Paddocks farm, Mr & Mrs Brimble.

19.  Paddocks farm dairy & pond.

20.  Paddocks cottage, rented from Paddocks farm to the Read family, sold in 1963 for £700.

21.  Fern cottage Mr & Mrs Tom Curtis. Tom was the village postman, sold to their daughter about 1974 and re built, A plaque of 1713 is over the door.

22.  Ash cottage, Catherine Buntint, moved out in the 1960s. Sold to Alan Simmons and re built.

23.  Coulstreng ( top house ) Mr & Mrs Feltham, their son was David Feltham.

24.  Coulstreng ( bottom house ) Mr & Mrs Hartnell and 2 sons George & Norman. House pulled down about 2015.

25.  Yews the, Mr Piece ( solicitors ) sold in 1964 to Mr & Mrs Saell for £1400. The front of the Yews faces the field and foot path.

26.   The pond next to the Yews was filled in the late 1960s.

27.  South view farm, Mr & Mrs Jones. Built in the 1930s, pulled down in the 1980s.

28.  Green lane, Roger Jones had a pig farm, there was a treatment works at the back of 1 to 3 Harry Stoke off Green lane.

rd map