0137…Vicars of St. Michael’s Church

Edited by Adrian Kerton

Vicars of St. Michael’s Church

One priest in Saxon Times
1268 Walter Mautraver
Master Cater Jordon de Insula (died 1291)
1291/3 -Vacant-
1294 Walter de Desford
1294 John de Wygorm
1299 Brother John of Worcester
1300 William of Kemperleye
1303 Itoger of Lee
1304 Roger of Somerby
1326 Richard de Gaynesburgh
1331 Ralph de Warewyk
1344 Robert de Vyfliyde
This one is interesting

1375 Edward3vol16page0168.pdf
Sept. 23. Presentation of John Hornbloweton, vicar of the church of Westminster. Giffardstoke, in the diocese of Worcester, to the church of Northbarou …1430 John Caller

1542 Richard Garrett
1545 Henry Corbett
1556 Johannes Hawkins
1561 Lawrence Haule
1597 George Holmes
1600 John Hawkins (Later deprived)
1622 Robert Stephens
1662 Richard Stephens
1663 Thomas Davies (Deacon 1662)
1670 Thomas Snead
1716 Thomas Shute
1729 Rumney Penrose
1739 Henry Shute
1785 Slade Baker
1795 Thomas Hammond Foxcroft
1811 Thomas Horatio Walker
1814 Henry Somerset
1834 Edward Parker
1856 Charles Foxwell Watts
1860 George Salt
1863/73 -Vacant-
1873 Newman Tibbits
1918 D Railton Jones
1941 I J Vincent-Williams
1955 Denys R Evans
1962 D A P Shiels William Kinge (Resigned)
1980 D Powell
1986 S Smith (Bradley Stoke Christ the King).
1992 David Widdows
(Team Rector)

389 RICHARD II.— PART 1 Membrane 3
Jan.7. Pardon to William Lane, canon of St. Augustine’s, Bristol, for that he on Sunday Before St. Thomas the Apostle, 9 Richard II, at Stoke Giffard ravished Iseult, wife of Thomas Irysch, and took away goods and chattels of the said Thomas, to the value of 20s. viz. linen and woollen cloths ; and of any consequent outlawry. By K.

Note: Iseult and Thomas were Irish. According to Fourteenth century England, Volume 4 By J. S. Hamilton the ravishing would have meant ‘clerical fornication’ or adultery.