0141…Misc. Parish Documents

Edited by Adrian Kerton


Misc. Parish Documents

                   Transcribed from notes by Mike Stanbrook

Harry Stoke Swineshead Hundred
Alfred held from Earl Harold
Land of the Bishop of Coutances, Geoffery Mowbray
Theobald holds from him
2 Hides 1 which pay tax the other not
In Lordship 1 plough
6 slaves
Meadow 5 acres
2 Villages and 1 small holder with 1 plough
Value was 40s now 20s

As One Hide = 120 Acres, 2 Hides = 240 acres, 2 Ploughs = 240 acres, this equates to  480 acres. Arable
A Population 6+2+1= 9 Adults Males?
5 acres Meadow.

Held by Osbern Gifford – DUNN The Thane held it
Stoke Gifford  –  Ledbury Hundred
5 Hides which Pay Tax.
In Lordship
4 Ploughs.
8 Villagers
3 Small holders
1 Priest
4 Slaves
8 Ploughs Value £6 Now £8.

As  5 Hides = 600 acres,  4 Ploughs = 480 acres,  8 Ploughs = 960 acres

1086 Domesday Survey
Barton Regis Hundred
Stoke Gifford, 2 Manors,
Bishop de Coutances (Formerly Algar) 5 Adult Males,
Osbern Giffard 16 Adult Males
Langley & Swineshead Hundred
(Langelet & Suinhovede)
Stoke Gifford, Bishop de Coutances (previously Algar in Henbury Hundred

Bishop of Coutances
Geoffery of Mowbray, one of King William’s chief justices held a great deal of land in the S.W. [St Lo is near Coutances in the dept. of Manche, France.]



30 Oct 1625 Messuage or Tenament called Kennis House ex William Large
[note by Mike Stanbrook]

1627 Probate record for John Phillips of Stoke Gifford, 21 items value £40-3s-4d
[ note by Mike Stanbrook]



1672 Hearth Tax

Camm 3
Ruth Arthurs 3
Jovy 3
Giles Fry 3
Barnes 3
Sarah Collins 4
Isac Bayley 3
John Notts 2
Richard Lawford 22
John Burroll 3
Mr. Lawford 7
Dorney 2
J. Knapps 16
Nath Simmonds 4
Mr. Barbloy 3
Blanch 1

Mrs. Kirthouse 3
David Edmonds 4
Hobarrow 2
Wods & Hall 2
John Robbins 4
John Notly 3
Booth 2
John Edson 2
William Maltoy 4
William Worrell 3
Edith Millott 1
William Millett 6
Edith Landlady 2
John Woodman 2
John Vidler 2
? Mrs. Davies 2
Discharges & Certificates John Prure 1

Barton Regis Stoke Harris
William Hughes 3
Henry Simes Esq. 6
Mr. Burkes 2
John Miles 3
Math. Palmers 3
Abraham Attwood 3
John Beers 3
total 22

Hath granted to William Arden, let to farm, all that North End of the House where John Mills formerly lived in Stoke Harris over against John Knapp’s house, containing the parlour and a buttery and a chamber over it. Together with half the yard or Barton, the North part of it, formerly belonging to the same house. To hold for 19 yrs. Elizabeth his wife John and William Sons or any other of them shall so long live, for 10?- per year.

8th November 10 yr. reign of our Lord William 1698
The Contents of the Farm Cote in the Possession of Joseph Millet of Great Stoke in the County of Glos– Undated Acres-Rods-Perches

1-01-25 Home Close
1-00-00 Orchard
0-10-10 Yard
3-00-30 First Westfield
3-03-00 Second Westfield
3-00-20 Westfield Mead Adjoining
3-02-27 Westfield at the Lane’s end
3-00-06 In the Great Stoke Field – 4 Lands
3-00-00 Enclosed our of Great Stooke 2 pieces

1720 William Worrall living in Harry stoke 1714-1720, Matthew Knapp.
1752 18/- paid to Mr. Bridgeman for 6 carts of Wood from Whitewood 600 faggots of wood from Wallshut wood May 1752.
1753 Wheat in Whitewood 5-2-0 1753 [ Acres, Roods, Perches]
1757 For making 2590 faggots of Wood in Wallshut wood.
1758 Sold to Mr Richardson 3 1/2 acres of coppice in Wallshut Wood.
1760 The bark of 20 trees from Wallshut Wood sold to Mr Richardson.
1760? Thatcher for repairing poor house.
1791 Mead Road, £1-10-2 Spreading gravel to repair road after rain [ note by Mike Stanbrook]
1800 Michaelmas 1800 to 1801
1801 Payments Mr Beyton, surgeon for attending on the poor of Stoke for two years £20
Jane Roach for 600 cwt and 6 pounds of beef for the Stoke poor at Christmas 1800 £12-16-8
Samual Clarke for singing Psalms in Stoke church for one year £3-3-0
1800 £2-9-8 for killing 208 moles. 1800 102 moles 90, 1801.
1800 Barn Hill to Mr Cooper for digging 486 balls for trees at v3/4d /hole. on Barn Hill.
1800 For cutting down trees in barn Wood by green house.
1800 To Isaac Owen fought singing Psalms in Stoke church for one year ending October 1800 £3-3-0
1800 For digging holes for trees in the new plantation by Barn Farm House £19-6-11
1800 The late Mr Patty’s executor falls for marble and for repairing the serpent in her and it would buy the order of the late Duchess dowager of Beaufort.
1801 Rates on Stoke Gifford Inhabitants
A Reate on the Several in habbitonts of Stoke Gifford for the Repayers of the Roads of the Saint Parish at 3 in the Pound for the Plow lands and 6 for the over Plow Lands for the year 1801 Wm Bevan & Wm Builder Surveors for the Saint Parish.
Names on this document: [ may not be accurate as some are difficult to read]
The D of Buford, Wm J Turner, Wedo O Bawn, Wm J Bevan, Wm Lowe, John Crook, Christian Anstey, Sam Tyler, Wm Tuck, Wm Builder, Wm ? Blenman, D L Webb, Bn Dawling, Ed Gunter.

Records of Rates
Courtesy of Martin Davis

Poor Rates 1801-1816 Rates on Stoke Gifford


Rates on Stoke Gifford Inhabitants -1801


1802 Painting the summer house on Barn Hill 1802 15/-
1861 STOKE, GIFFORD, par. England, upper div. hund. Henbury, co. Gloucester. Acres, 2070. Real prop. £2880. Pop. 441. Bristol (P. T. 114). Liv. a disch. vie. in dioc. Bristol. Ann. val. £140. Here is an endowed school for the children of this and three other parishes, and also a charitv school. In 1861 population was 445
1960 In the 1960s the Parkway Tavern was called the Rainbow Club at Stoke Gifford it was run by a man called Shergold.


Population Study by Mike Stanbrook