0146…Copy Holders

Edited by Adrian Kerton

Copy Holders

List of Copyholders First – Half of 17th Century (1630/40)

Compiled by Mike Stanbrook

Editors note. Copyhold was a form of land holding that existed between a lord of a manor and his tenants. Defined as a “holding at the will of the lord according to the custom of the manor.” It originated in the occupation by villeins, [not freemen] of parcels of land belonging to the feudal lord‘s manor. Over time it became an occupation by right, called villenagium, which was first recognised by custom and then became law. In 1926 all copyhold land became freehold land, usually without the mineral or sporting rights retained by the lord of the manor. The title deeds would be copies of parts of the court rolls of the manor. So it was title by copy of court roll and hence “copyhold”

Jo Adham
Eleanor Adham
Will Arden
Eliz Arden
Hannah Arden
Mary Arden
Robert Arthur
Richard Arthur
John Attwood
Abraham Attwood
John Ballymore
Bridget Ballymore
Robert Ballymore
Richard Bangh
Agnes Bangh
Edmond Bangh
H Bayly
Elizabeth Bayly
Sarah Bayly
Jo Beaker
Joane Beaker
Edith Beaker
Hugh Bearmes
Margret Bearmes
John Bearmes
John Blanch
Alice Blanch
John Blanch
Agnes Blanch
Thomas Blanch
Richard Blanch
Mary Blanch
Tho Blanch
John Bowman
Alice Bowman
Anthony Bowman
Mary Bradley
Robert Bradley
Mary Bradley
Robert Bradley
John Breene
John Brime
Nathanial Butcher
Thomas Butcher
John Cole
Derick Curtez
Elinor Curtez
Anne Curtez
Will Curtez
Anne Curtez
Mary Curtez
Robert Deverell
Kath Deverell
John Deverell
Christopher Deverell
Eliz Deverell
John Deverell
Joane Deverell
Rebecca Deverell
Robert Deverell
Kath Dixon
Jo Dixon
Morris Dixon
Joane Dixon
Christopher Dorney
Agnes Dorney
Thomas Dorney
Mary Dorney
Grace Dorney
Joseph Dorney
Christopher Dorney
Kath Dorney
Christopher Dorney
Richard Drimer
John Edson
Mary Edson
John Edson
Grace Grimes
Will Hall
Margarett Hall
John Hall
Alice Hall
Henry Hedges
Agnes Hedges
Thomas Herly
Thomas Hodges
J Holboron
Alice Holboron
Anne Holboron
Richard Hollister
Thomas Hollister
Richard Hollister
Joane Hollister
Richard Hollister
Alice Howell
Robert Howell
Kath Howell
Richard Howell
Thomas Iny
Eliz Iny
Barabara Iny
Thomas Joatham
William Joatham
Isabell Joatheam
Edmond Kedwelly
Joan Kedwelly
Will Kedwelly
Will Large
Agbes Large
Morris Large
Joane Large
Morris Large
Joane Large
Joane Large
Thomas Lawford
Christian Lawford
Robert Lawford
Robert Lawford
Thomas Lawford
Dorothy Lawford
Richard Lawford
Anne Lawford
Richard Lawford
William Lawford
William Lawford
Richard Lawford
Robert Lawford
Thomas Lawford
John Lawford
Robert Lawford
Eliz Moggs
Susana Moggs
Roger Nard
William Nard
Hester Nard
Joane Painter
Rowland Painter
Dorothy Painter
Mathew Painter
Agnes Palmer
John Pearce
Isabell Pearce
John Pearce
John Prigg
John Prigg
Robert Smart
Joane Smart
Alice Smart
Edith Smart
Morris Smith
Joan Smith
John Smith
Alice Smith
John Smith
Anne Smith
Will Smith
John Smith
Joan Smith
Agnes Smith
Anthony Smith
John Sturge
Joan Sturge
John Sturge
Nathanial Sturge
Elizabeth Sturge
George Symonds
Math Symonds
Margaret Symonds
John Taylor
Joan Taylor
Theo Taylor
Richard Taylor
Mary Taylor
Edmond Thomlinson
Elizabeth Thomlinson
Simon Tovy
Thomas Vidler
Eliz Vidler
Elizabeth Vidler
James Wade
John Wade
Thomas Wade
Rob Walker
Mar Walker
John Walker
Roy Wall
Roy Wall
Thomas Wall
Judith Walls
John Webb
Agnes Webb
Agnes Webb
Willam Whitehaede
Agnes Whitehaede
Anthony Whitehaede
Anne Whitehaede
Richard Williams
Elsanor Williams
John Wood