0152…Terrier of 1757

Edited by Adrian Kerton

Terrier of 1757

Courtesy of Mike Stanbrook

Terrier –  a manorial document listing holdings and tenants with their obligations in labour services and rent

            Terrier 1757 Hales Common. Transcribed from note by Mike Stanbrook.
And whereas there is within the said parish a certain piece or parcel of ground called HALES COMMON by estimation 30 acres or thereabouts and which has been constantly and immemorially used and enjoyed as a common by several of the owners tenants and occupiers of the lands within the said parish who have respectively as appertenant to their several and respective farms within the said parish a right of turning and grazing there and for which no tithe of milk, calf or Agistment, or any other tithe has ever been paid or is due or payable in respect of the said parcel of ground itself, or any part thereof, or the cattle feed or grazed thereon but the vicar has constantly and immemorially received by the several and district modus’s paid for the said several distinct Farms within the said parish, full satisfaction for all the Vicarial Tithes of all such Tithable matters has from time to time has happened to arisen out of or upon the said pasture land such modus’s respectively including such right of common respectively, as well as the respective farms and tenants to which they respectively appertain.

4th June 1757
Tithes to be paid at candle mass and Lammas Day,

[Editor’s note February 2nd and August 1st respectively.]

The following holdings are included in the images below

Stoke Park part
Coldharbour Farm William Isles
Wallscourt Farm Christopher Young
Harry Stoke Farm William Hunt
Harry Stoke Farm William Isles
Great Stoke Thomas Bawn Court Farm?
Great Stoke Widow Blackwell
Great Stoke Widow Millet
Knightwood Farm George Fry
Jacob Player 1
Jacob Player 2
Norborne Berkley Great Stoke
Jacob Webb
Roughlifs estate Robert Blackwell
Little Stoke Thomas Gunter
Little Stoke Harris’s John Sifsel
Roughlifs estate Norborne Berkeley
Norborne Berkley Great Stoke
Great Stoke Widow Millet
Great Stoke Thomas Phillips
Stoke Gifford James Player
Little Stoke Mr.Cobb
Great Stoke Robert Blackwell
Harry Stoke John Grace