0400…Bits of Pot


A History Of Stoke Gifford and other parishes nearby
Edited by Adrian Kerton

Found in the stream through 40 Acres

Descriptions courtesy of Kurt Adams Gloucestershire and Avon Finds Liaison Officer
Bristol City Museum & Art Gallery

19th-20th century earthenware

19th-20th century earthenware

Heavily abraded fragment of red ware 17th -19th century

Looks to be a north Devon Coarse Ware 17th to 19th century

I think I can see a green glaze but can’t be certain date wise it is 17th to 19th century

Looks to be burnt clay. This sort of thing could come from a building that had burnt down such as a timber framed building

Impossible to say for certain from the image but most likely a fragment of red ware

Possibly  a fragment of 19th century pipe

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