0233…Winterbourne Barn SMGR 16488 Archaeological Observations K. A. Rodwell

owlA History of STOKE GIFFORD & Nearby Parishes
Edited by Adrian Kerton

Download the report here : 2003 Rodwell-Barn Building Observations

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SMGR 16488_01SMGR 16488_02SMGR 16488_03SMGR 16488_04SMGR 16488_05SMGR 16488_06SMGR 16488_07SMGR 16488_08

SMGR 16488_09SMGR 16488_10SMGR 16488_11SMGR 16488_12SMGR 16488_13SMGR 16488_14SMGR 16488_15SMGR 16488_16SMGR 16488_17

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