0231…Winterbourne Medieval Barn The Beautiful Flagstone Floor SGSMR 18725

owlA History of STOKE GIFFORD & Nearby Parishes
Edited by Adrian Kerton


This study shows the magnificent floor of the barn, where the craftsmen had shaped flagstones to fit together rather like a jigsaw. Sadly the western floor,  Area C,  has been covered over.

Report reproduced with kind permission of South Gloucestershire Council and Avon Archaeological Unit Ltd, providing professional Archaeological Services.
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SGSMR 18725 01SGSMR 18725 03SGSMR 18725 04

Two examples of the superb craftsmanship employed in creating the floor. Further detailed views of Floor C at bottom of the page

Part of Section C, no longer visible  as this area is now a concrete raft.

Floor example

The circle of stones for the cattle to tread turning the mills.

Floor example circle

SGSMR 18725 05SGSMR 18725 06SGSMR 18725 07SGSMR 18725 08SGSMR 18725 09SGSMR 18725 10SGSMR 18725 11SGSMR 18725 12SGSMR 18725 13SGSMR 18725 14SGSMR 18725 15SGSMR 18725 16SGSMR 18725 17

SGSMR 18725 18SGSMR 18725 19

The full report can be downloaded as a PDF

Winterbourne Court Farm Tithe Barn – Archaeological Recording Project 2009

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