0331…Charlton Village


owlA History of STOKE GIFFORD & Nearby Parishes
Edited by Adrian Kerton

The lost Village of Charlton


The village of Charlton, which was in the parish of Henbury, existed at the time of Domesday but in 1945 the decision was to bury it under a new runway for the mighty Brabazon aeroplane, a propeller-driven airliner which was designed by the Bristol Aeroplane Company to fly transatlantic routes

Being unable to attract any orders, the aircraft became regarded as a commercial failure. In 1953, the only single prototype was flown but later broken up in 1953 for scrap, along with the incomplete turboprop-powered Brabazon.

Local historian June Keating has preserved memories and photographs of the village and its inhabitants and has published these in two books and has given me permission to reproduce some of the photos here.



Charlton Carpenters arms

Charlton Cottages on the Common

Charlton Gable HouseCharlton Pen Park Manor 1Charlton Pen Park Manor 2Charlton Rose Cottage